“I have worked closely with Dr. Ireland for over a decade. I find her to be an invaluable part of a comprehensive treatment team for eating disorders. She provides excellent care for her patients by insisting on a comprehensive treatment approach that includes individual psychotherapy, as well as medical monitoring, family therapy, art therapy, and medical nutrition therapy. Unlike many other health professionals, Dr. Ireland communicates on a regular basis with the entire treatment team, making sure her patient receives the best care. Dr. Ireland’s talents exceed those of other psychologists in that she is highly intuitive and keenly aware of her patients’ needs so that she can provide the most thorough, caring, effective treatment for her patients.”

– Sharon Collison, M.S., R.D., CDN, CSSD

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Ireland as a friend and colleague for twenty years. She is a dynamic individual, a caring person, and a skilled practitioner. I have made many referrals to her through the years. Referred patients have returned to me and expressed their appreciation for being connected with Dr. Ireland and have been extremely satisfied with her services. Additionally, Dr. Ireland is a dynamic presenter and has given numerous professional presentations for students and school nurses that have always been very well received.”

– Madalyn Schultz Petit, BSN, RN, NCSN, FNASN

“For eight years I worked collaboratively with Dr. Ireland as the family therapist for her individual clients with Eating Disorders. We worked closely with a broad range of circumstances and clinical issues. Dr. Ireland’s expertise, competence, and dynamic knowledge base create a standard of clinical work that established her as one of the most reputable Eating Disorder clinicians in the area. Dr. Ireland’s passion towards growth as a person and clinician result in an energy, openness, and commitment that is contagious for those professionals that work with her. Dr. Ireland is a gift to the mental health profession.”

– Julie E. James, LCSW

“Dr. Ireland was a huge help to us in dealing with my daughter’s anorexia. She was able to not only counsel my daughter but also got help for my entire family. We knew very little about eating disorders and even less on how to deal with one on a daily basis. Dr Ireland quickly got my family into family therapy which was so very helpful. I also think her team approach to this illness was very helpful to my daughter and to our family. She is most definitely an expert in this field and I am so grateful for all she did for my family and me.”

– Janice from Delaware

“As a physician specializing in the care of individuals with an eating disorder, I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Ireland for over 15 years. I have found Dr. Ireland to be a compassionate and determined therapist who is truly dedicated to the care of her clients. Dr. Ireland strongly supports the multidisciplinary approach to the care of clients with eating disorders working closely with dietitians, physicians and other therapists involved in the care of her clients. She requires that her clients, especially the younger adolescents, have family therapy and will recommend different therapists in her community for this care. She also maintains excellent communication with the team involved in the care of her clients. I can say that whenever a client came to see me who was under the care of Dr. Ireland for therapy I took comfort in knowing that the client would be receiving excellent individual therapy.”

– Margot L. Waitz, D.O., Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine Specialist.